A perfect toy for a train loving toddler!

My 19-month old son loves trains.

When I say loves, I mean he REALLY LOVES, trains!

I have no idea where this passion came from as I am about as far from being a trainspotter as you can get, and I have no idea how long it will last, but right now there is nothing he enjoys more than sitting on the footbridge that goes over our local railway line, excitedly shouting and waving as the commuter trains to and from London rattle past.

(This is undeniably adorable, however the fact that I have to get on said trains to go to work every day adds a layer of melancholy to the proceedings for me… I would much rather be watching the train than packed on it with hundreds of other grumpy commuters!)

As you would imagine, in addition to his love for real life “choo choo’s” he also loves playing with his train set…

So, when the lovely people at Hape toys sent Tired Daddy a sample of their latest “Musical Rainbow Route Railway and Station Set” we couldn’t wait to give it a go…

And boy oh boy, were we impressed. The pieces are beautifully made, and the inventive incorporation of musical instruments into the train set makes for a really fun addition to our ever growing brio train set (which is slowly but surely taking over our once beautifully minimalist lounge!). In addition to the brilliant Xylophone and Cymbals pieces which are the clear highlights, we also love the colourful track, which is great for practicing the different colours.

So, if you are looking for a slightly different gift set for the train enthusiast in your life, I would highly recommend checking out this and the wider Hape selection as their toys are beautifully made and really fun for little fingers to play with – with an added benefit of helping to teach little brains.

Check out some pics of our set below, and you can see the range of Hape trains on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Hape-Musical-Rainbow-Railway/dp/B01M01X8TM

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