Things to do at Kings Cross Station when delayed…

As I write this I am currently stuck at Kings Cross station. Apparently Great Northern Rail are unable to operate if it is a bit windy (curse you Doris!)
Anyway, this is how I have entertained myself as I wait in this Godot-esque purgatory for a train that I am beginning to think may never come:
1) go to all the supermarkets and do a thorough audit of the various beer prices and delivery methods (i.e. Cans vs Bottles)

2) visit the toilet at least 4 times (usually it costs 30p, tonight it is free!) CASHBACK! 

3) eat an inappropriate amount of free “sample” tortilla chips outside the burrito shop until the staff start to stare and then walk away nonchalantly

4) time yourself doing a “fast walking” lap of the concourse. Then repeat at least 7 times, each time trying to beat your last lap… 

5) befriend a man who works for Caffè Nero – in the hope that this time investment will in future lead to free coffee perks

6) finally, retreat to the pub and let its warm embrace take away the stress and misery of our totally unfit for purpose rail network 

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