A moral tale…

In a classic Tired Daddy move I have just been woken up by the train ticket inspector at Kings Cross, having fallen fast asleep on the train ride into London. Now, on the commute into work this is a near daily occurrence, the difference today is that a) it is a Saturday, b) I am wearing black tie as I am on my way to a wedding, and c) due to train overcrowding I was sat on the floor, next to the toilet, slumped over a guitar amp with my guitar strapped to my back (I am also playing some music at the wedding). I can only imagine what the ticket inspector thought when he saw this smartly dressed yet disheveled shell of a man crumpled up in a pool of drool over a bartered guitar amp!…. When he woke me with the customary gentle kick, I instinctively and somewhat defensively sputtered.. “I have a one year old”… He just nodded and muttered… “it figures” and went about his day. I am guessing from the knowing look in his eye he is a Tired Daddy too…

We get everywhere…

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