The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit – Review

As any parent attempting the nightmare that is baby led weaning will know, possibly the single most frustrating thing in the world is your little one casually and constantly throwing whatever meticulously prepared food you give them straight on to the floor.

For any baby led weaning parent, the three-times-daily post-food-time crawl on the floor to retrieve the discarded food is one of the most degrading and depressing things, made even more so by the fact that you know in 3 hrs time you will be doing it all over again!

So, when my wife and I saw the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit… we couldn’t wait to try it! Had our prayers been answered? Would there be no more grovelling at the feet of our child with a wet wipe trying to clean up the stains from projectile raspberries every morning? We had tried putting down a plastic sheet, but this was even harder to clean up than the floor (we fortunately have laminate wooden flooring not carpet!) and so on finding a potential solution we were very excited when the box arrived…

So, how does it work.

tidy-tot-competitionWell, essentially, it is a big green “tray” which attaches to the feeding chair via suckers on its base. It is then meant to attach to the back (as you can see from the photo) but unfortunately is too big for our Baby Bjorn high chair, but it is not  a major problem. You then just pop your baby in the bib, which attaches by Velcro to the tray… and voila, your baby is in his own weird space-ship like feeding craft… and the sound of wet food hitting a clean floor is a think of the past. (please note – the children pictured are not mine, these are official Tidy Tot promo shots! My son is a LOT messier!!!)

But, I hear you ask, does it really work?…

I am pleased to say that yes, it does! Really well. The tray itself is a bit of a nightmare to clean after use, as it is far to big to fit in the sink, and even more difficult to dry… but, that said, the struggle in wiping down the tray is far less painful than the misery of constantly seeing your baby throwing everything onto the floor.

So, if you are going baby led, and are suffering the same challenges of projectile food, Tired Daddy highly recommends giving the Tidy Tot a try!

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