Planet Earth II – A minute-by-minute review

And we are off…. (after a preamble from David Attenborough)

  • Essentially a horny Sloth – The dude abides
  • A swimming sloth – we are off to a good start, this guys is awesome!
  • There be dragons! – Here we go… the nightmare fuel begins
  • Lemurs vs spiny trees – why don’t they move to the nice green forest!?
  • Volcanos!!! Hot
  • Underwater lizard things – dinosaurs essentially. Cool. 
  • SNAKES – this sequence with the snakes and baby iguanas is literally the stuff of nightmares 
  • Lots of seagulls – Boring – this is the episode lull
  • Anyone else spot the pervert penguin!?
  • More seagulls (sigh – I want more dragons!)
  • Christmas Crabs – that’s more like it! (What a bunch of weirdos!)
  • Insane suicidal volcano penguins – again, why don’t you move you mad idiots!
  • Baby penguins – awwwwwwwww
  • Argh – a penguin covered in blood – why are you doing this to me BBC???
  • So. Many. Penguins. – it’s like trying to find your car in the IKEA car park!

And that’s it (apart from the making of bit, which kind of ruins the majesty of the series. A DVD extra padding the show out to the broadcast hour.)


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