Review: Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

As regular visitors to this site will know, one thing I share in common with most sleep deprived parents is that I am completely addicted to caffeine. Probably to an unhealthy level, coffee is now a major part of my life, something I find it very difficult to function without, and that at times I have found myself get very passionate about (quite often at rather inopportune moments – such as complaining loudly and pretentiously about the quality of the coffee in important client meetings or tutting loudly at my boss drinking a Nescafe during an appraisal)

Anyway, today I was in M&S at lunchtime, and spied what is essentially a snazzy product designed exactly for people me. An Uber hipster liquor style glass bottle, filled with mega on-trend cold press coffee. To an unfashionable, un-hipster and exhausted dad desperately trying to cling on to some semblance of cool but totally misjudging the situation, this overpriced bottle was to me like a red rag to a bull. It had to be mine.

Against the better judgement of the colleague I was with (“It will be disgusting” she sighed as I took the bottle from the shelf) I ploughed on regardless, and the beautifully designed bottle was mine.

I returned to the office like a proud hunter with my prize…


Then I tasted it.

And it was horrible.

Ah well. At least it looks hip and edgy sat on my desk.*


*It has been pointed out to me that my use in this blog of the words “cool”, “hip”, “edgy”, “mega”and “snazzy” effectively undermines any credibility with the hipster community my owning of a bottle of cold brew coffee might have given me. Sigh.


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