Great Northern Rail Fail

This morning I didn’t get to the station in time to buy a coffee, and so got onto the train sans drink. However, in my morning haze I slumped into my seat, turned on my iPod and completely forgot this fact. So 15 minutes into the journey I took the coffee cup from the table in front of me and proceeded to drink it down… Needless to say the man sat opposite who’s latte I had just drained was rather taken aback!
Incredibly though he didn’t say anything… just looked at me with an expression of confusion, fear and disapproval. On realising my mistake I of course apologised profusely and offered to buy him a new Coffee at Kings Cross. He did not accept my offer.
This could be viewed as making a new friend, however I fear that the real result of this event will be multiple awkward glances on future commutes and a general sense of crippling regret and embarrassing guilt for many mornings to come.
I think it is time I changed carriages!

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