Dadventions* #1 – Caffeinated Toothpaste

The Problem: After a long and inevitably sleepless night, time in the morning for a tired daddy is at an absolute premium. 

Where there used to be plenty of time to get dressed, showered, brush your teeth, have breakfast and coffee and get out of the door in time to catch the train to work, now cramming everything in is a seeming impossibility. Something has got to give. But what I hear you ask!? 

The Solution: Of course the shower must remain (a smelly daddy is even worse than a tired daddy!), and getting dressed also feels in some way essential… but equally important to getting out of the house is that morning burst of caffeine. But the coffee machine takes a good 5 minutes and we really don’t have that time – not if we are also going to fit in brushing of teeth…. that is, until now! 

I give you, Caffeinated Toothpaste. Deliciously fluoride toothpaste, laced with the finest Colombian Espresso. Combining the twin wake up of minty freshness with eye watering bitterness. The perfect way to start your day. 

Say goodbye to tiredness and bad breath, say hello to a new you! (Admittedly this will not necessarily work to combat coffee breath…)

Colgate, Aquafresh, Costa, Nescafé, Starbucks… over to you to make this happen. 


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