Tired Daddy is an Award Winner!*

Last night was the Mum and Working Awards… and I am really pleased to announce that I was awarded ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED’ in the Parent Blogger of the Year category! Wow!

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the event, (ironically because I was at work!) and so didn’t get the chance to meet the other nominees, but I wholeheartedly recommend all readers of Tired Daddy check out their great blogs for some top notch reading…

The winner was Sarah Jane Honeywell and her fab HoneyMumster blog (former CBeebies presenter no less!) but all of the finalists are great bloggers and well worth checking out!

I also recommend having a look at the Mum and Working website for some other great companies, as all the winners and finalists are businesses that are certainly worth us parents being aware of…

Winners and nominees can be found here: http://www.mumandworking.co.uk/awards/finalists

Thanks so much for everyone who voted for Tired Daddy**, and I promise to start blogging a bit more regularly over the coming few weeks as I know I have been a bit slack in regularly updating. Over the coming weeks there will be some more reviews, general bits and pieces, a competition and also, in other news I am hoping to have some more guest blogs soon from a few new exciting contributors… so watch this space***

Thanks again, and speak soon!

*I know that HIGHLY COMMENDED is technically not winning, but for the purposes of the headline and journalistic licence, it is being awarded something, right?!… I hope I can get away with this! 🙂 

** I am pretty sure the majority of the votes were a direct result of my Votey McVoteface meme, which seemed to have caught some of your attention! https://tireddaddyuk.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/the-world-has-gone-mad-vote-now-for-tireddaddy-co-uk-to-be-working-mum-of-the-year/ 

*** And if you fancy submitting an article for me to publish, do email me at tireddaddyuk@gmail.com as I am always interested to hear from new contributors!


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