Tired Daddy is a Mum & Working Awards Finalist!

First things first, a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Mum & Working Blogger awards! It is actually really flattering to even be nominated at all, but this week I found out that thanks to everyone’s kind support I have been shortlisted to be one of the 6 finalists. Needless to say this is a bit of a shock!

Having a quick browse through the various other categories it would seem that I am the only dad (and in fact the only male) nominated at all, which makes me even prouder to be a finalist and to be representing for “dad-kind”.*

As a working dad who commutes every day, I completely appreciate that my challenges are totally different to the those facing most working mums (which these awards focus on). I am fortunate enough to be able to head off on the long (and often maddening**) commute to work and know that my wife is looking after our little one. If my train is late or I have an important meeting, I don’t need to panic about who will pick up the baby from nursery. I just worry about how I can get home sooner to be the relief team for my tired wife.

However, that said, being a working dad is not all easy and it is nice for the Mum and Working awards people to recognise this. Yes, we dads may often joke about how nice it is to go to the office “for a break”, (and there is definitely truth in the fact that it is nice to have some real adult conversation each day that is not about babies – something I am sure my wife craves at times!!) but the flip side is that we working dads do sometimes miss out on quite a lot of the little things that make having a little one so wonderful.

I am lucky. I get home every evening, and hardly ever have to work at weekends, but some dads are not so fortunate and have to spend weeks and even months away.

Anyway, I am not really sure what my point is, but just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted, and hopefully I will be able to make it to the awards event on Oct 11th and report from there. It is sure to be rather a surreal and possibly uncomfortable place – especially if I am the only dad there!

Find out more about the great work done by Mum and Working here: http://www.mumandworking.co.uk

*I may be wrong, so do feel free to correct me if I have missed someone!

**As I write this I am on a heavily delayed train


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