Weekend Dadventures #1: The Car Wash…

Life as a 7 month old is full of exciting new experiences. As the wider world gradually begins to make some kind of sense* and time away from Mummy’s becomes less of a terrifying prospect, even the most mundane activity for us jaded adults can be absolutely mindblowingly thrilling to a little boy. I thought therefore that it might be fun to chronicle some of these experiences, under the theme of weekend dadventures.

First up, a trip to the car wash…

First things first, a disclaimer. I am a 35 (nearly 36) year old man, and I still find going through the car wash a thrilling experience. So, anticipations were high when I bought my code at the local garage and slowly pulled the car forwards between the yellow lines till the green light went red…

Engine turned off? Check
Hand break on? Check
Windows shut? Check
Right… Let’s clean this mutha!

The initial spray of water didn’t really get much of a reaction from the little one. “Just some rain”, I suppose was his thinking… But then, when the big brushes began to spin… Wow!

There were gasps. There were anxious looks at daddy**. At one point there was a celebratory yelp and what I could swear was a fist pump gesture. This was all going rather well. As the brushes descended over the windscreen and we approached that moment when it seems like the wipers are going to get broken off, even sophie the giraffe was jettisoned, thrown into the air with a squeal of delight. The pièce de résistance however came when the giant hairdryer thingy came on. This was met with a burst of joyful laughter, the sort that only a baby can deliver, totally natural and unabashed.***

And then it was over.

And the realisation dawned on me that I had to scramble back into the front seat as the angry drivers behind began beeping their horns. Aside from getting my foot stuck on the gearstick resulting in a small coffee spillage it was a pretty successful first (d)adventure…

So, a tired daddy tip… If you are looking to give your little one the ride of their life (so far), forget Disney World and head for your local forecourt!

*or at least a world that includes Trump, Brexit and M&Ms World can make sense!

**by this point I had clambered from the drivers seat into the back to hold his hand… Not because I was nervous and excited of course! Purely out of worry for him



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