The Waiting Game…

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback for his last post, I thought it was time for another guest blog from Tired Daddy to be Dan… it is now 7 days after their baby’s due date, so let’s see how Dan & Nat are getting on with the waiting game…


We are now 7 days past B-Day.  Frustration is kicking in and now that we “feel” that we are ready, we just want to get on with this parenting malarkey.

Although,  the delay has had some benefits:  as a teacher I am now at home too and we have been able to go to the cinema (new Bourne film is ace); eat out in nice restaurants; watch good (and very bad) films on Netflix; catch up with friends and family and perhaps most importantly…..sleep. I hear that sleep is about to become a thing of the past.

That is not to say that we haven’t tried every possible suggestion to bring on labour.

Natalie has:

  1. Drunk A LOT of raspberry tea.
  2. Eaten 3 whole pineapples.
  3. Tried a hot curry (she doesn’t like spicy food- I ate it- it certainly irritated my bowels!!)
  4. Had reflexology- which definitely had some effects. Every time her little toe was squeezed, the baby kicked- EVERY TIME.
  5. Rubbed some weird oil into the bump.
  6. Had the usual midwife interventions for someone who is 7 days over.
  7. Walked around local park.
  8. Bounced on her ball… incessantly.
  9. Tried firm reasoning/bribery with the bump.
  10. Tried the other option that midwives always mention (with a wink).

It turns out we are just going to have to wait for the baby to be ready in its own time. And so it begins… a life ruled by a force outside of us.

OOOH, I hear reports of back cramps. Could this be it….

Guest Author: Dan Steel



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