“B-Day imminent…”

The following is a guest blog written by my great friend Dan Steel (aka @SteelyDan80) who is about to enter the terrifying world of fatherhood. Now I am 6 months in, I thought it would be interesting to share his thoughts on here as he is about to join me in the world of “Tired Daddyism”… Hope this will be the first of many blogs from Dan. Show your support for this new father and blogger by sharing his post and commenting below…


The last 8 months and 3 weeks have been an interesting mix of excitement, denial, ignorance, panic and gradual realisation that THIS IS HAPPENING!  With a week to go (give or take) the situation feels very bloody real!

Here are some of my thoughts and comments on the father’s role in pregnancy and other baby related musings!!

Disclaimer: In no way do I wish any of my comments to be interpreted in a way that seems I have anything but huge admiration and love for my wife!

  1. Man vs Pillows: I had no idea before pregnancy that so many pillows were required! Over the gestation period of my child, I have gradually had my sleeping place encroached upon until now I have a thin slither of mattress to balance precariously on! Her nest, as she calls it, is really quite something to behold but I am looking forward to having my side of the bed back. Ironically, I will finally have somewhere to sleep but, I fear, no time.
  2. Blowing bubbles: NCT classes were a bit of fun! I learnt a lot. More than I thought I would; it turns out my knowledge of women’s anatomy was not nearly as good as I thought it was. My wife was less surprised by my ignorance. 3 fingers dilated DOES NOT mean what I thought it did! Anyway…one of the pieces of advice that I was less convinced by was the suggestion that during pregnancy I should encourage my wife to blow bubbles or better still to “imagine” that she was blowing bubbles. I asked Natalie if it was something I should try. She stared me dead in the eyes and said “You can try it….” Then walked away. I bought some bubbles just in case.
  3. Push chair/travel system: I had no idea how much it costs to move a baby around! Our child will have a more expensive “travel system” than I do. Granted my Peugeot is modestly priced but still! That said-the Egg pram is incredible-like the pod Superman arrived on Earth in! In the end the deciding factor when buying the pram et al (besides its incredibly aesthetically pleasing look) was that it was one of the few that I could put up and down without doing a course.
  4. Saving the world: I don’t actively seek to destroy the world but neither would I have ever said that I was some kind of environmental crusader. That was until I attended the Excel Centre Baby Show. Suddenly I find myself scoffing at disposable nappies in favour of Gnappies and the like. I have actively chosen to scrape my child’s poo out of this nappy into the toilet in order to preserve humanity. After purchasing a year’s supply of these the flood gates opened. I then bought reusable wipes with natural oils and clothes made from grass. I don’t regret any of these decisions (yet) and I am proud to be doing my bit for the environment- I just think it’s odd that I chose what everyone tells me is the most stressful time in my life to take up a time consuming mission to prolong the life of Earth and its inhabitants.
  5. Back rubs: NCT classes also encouraged various styles of back rub in various positions. I tried it once while Natalie sat on her big beach ball thing while watching Euro 2016. The feedback I got was so damning that I haven’t done it again. Apparently it was less of a back rub and more of an occasional pat and by occasional I think she meant every 45 minutes.

 That’s all for now. I just want to finish by saying that I can’t believe how well Natalie has coped with pregnancy, organising our house move and putting up with me simultaneously.  She has been incredible at storing and growing our baby and I know she will be just as incredible at caring and bringing he/she up!

 Guest Author: Dan Steel



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