The No. 1 Daddy Skincare Secret: Smear food on your face!

When I started this blog, the last thing I ever thought I would write about would be skin care. As regular readers will know from previous entries, my appearance has something of the “dishevelled sleep-deprived-Chris-O’Dowd-lookalike” about it… However, in the last month I have started a new skincare regime and I feel compelled to share it with you all… Put food on your face and in your beard!

Seriously…! It works…. My beard has never been in better condition, and my baby loves grabbing it and running his fingers through it… which I have to admit is a lot of fun for me.

But what food? I hear you ask… does anything work?… Baked beans?… Gravy?…. Jam?

Well, not really… the specific food I use is Coconut Oil. (Which is also incidentally brilliant for cleaning stains on laminate work surfaces… but that is another story!)

So, my tip… go to Sainsbury’s, buy a big pot of coconut oil, and spread liberally on your face, beard, hair etc… Then wave goodbye to sleepy tired skin and scraggy matted beard, and hello to a fresh new you…

Or if it doesn’t work, at least you will smell delicious!



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