10 coffee shops every new parent NEEDS to know about

As a self confessed caffeine addict, I thought it was time to share some coffee shop tips with the world.

These are some of the best coffee shops I know and visit… Let me know what I have missed! .


The Groundworks:

Already an institution in Hitchin, and as popular for its incredible food as it is for its delicious coffee. Probably go here at least once a week (my wife goes far more regularly) and they are super welcoming to our little one


Hitchin Coffee Lab:

A newcomer to Hitchin, selling punchy Square Mile coffee, and delicious cakes and nibbles.

coffee lab

Shoreditch Grind:

With its fantastic location on Old Street roundabout, this institution is perfect for sipping a latte and watching the craziness of London’s east end whizz by


Coffee Tree:

Shaftesbury Avenue coffee shop, selling a spectacular collection of Italian pastries and really delicious (but pricey) powerful espresso. One for a mid morning treat…

coffee tree

Fernandez & Wells:

This coffee shop/cafe on Denmark Street serves great food, and even better coffee (also serve wine!)


Algerian Coffee Stores:

Store on Old Compton Street, selling an amazing selection of coffee – and doing lattes/Americanos for just £1 a pop. Best value coffee in London!



Hole in the wall at Kings Cross Station, selling Monmouth Coffee – notable due to it being the location where THIS happened https://tireddaddyuk.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/a-curious-case-of-mistaken-identity/ 


Caffe Mobile:

When I used to live in Stoke Newington, this coffee cart outside Angel Tube station was a regular stop off for me on the way to work. Great coffee, and even better banter from the always jolly Antipodean barista.

cafe mobile

Flat White:

The name says it all really – The original, and probably still the best at this super strong aussie brew.

flat white

Foxcroft & Ginger:

Quirky decor and delicious coffee – but rather over priced food.  (and apparently since I last visited the downstairs has shut… which is a shame)



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