The top 5 nappies – ranked & reviewed

I thought for today I would rank the different brands of nappies we have used over the first 11 weeks. I hope this countdown is of some use and do get in touch to let me know your experiences. Of course I know all babies are different (the leg chubbiness factor is a big deal with nappy fit) but this list will hopefully be of some interest. 

5. Morrison’s: We tried these nappies in the early weeks, but not a good fit for our son, and most worryingly they lacked a blue pee warning line, making them dangerously prone to over flowing. Would not recommend. 

4. Pampers: The big brand on the list, but actually one of the worst. Something about the fit just does not work for our son, meaning they are very prone to leaking both in terms of pee and poo. Not great and not worth the extra cost. 

3. GNappies: These environmentally friendly re usable nappies are great in principle, and when we can use them we do… But the risk of leaking and trouble with the fit means that when out and about unfortunately the additional complication of having to bag and wash the outer nappy means that we are really finding it hard to use them unless in the controlled environment at home. We’re great in the first few weeks, but using them increasingly less frequently as the little one gets bigger. 

2. Lidl: in the first couple of months we found these a really good fit, however now he has grown a bit they are not fitting too well and they have a really plasticy smell which we don’t like. Cheap as chips and worth a look. 

1. ASDA: These own brand nappies have proven to be our nappy of choice. A good fit, cheap price, and a good all rounder. Strongly recommended. 


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