Day 61: A bird in the face is worth two in the hand…

My journey to work every day involves a 15 minute walk to the station, a cramped 35 minute train journey into London, and then a 25 minute walk through central London to the office. It is quite a long commute but to be honest it is not that bad, and gives me plenty of time to catch up on podcasts and music, so I can’t complain.

My favourite bit of the commute each day however has to be the stretch of walk through Russell Square, an oasis of green in the middle of London which punctuates the journey nicely. However, this moment of calm was rudely interrupted earlier this week when I was unceremoniously THWACKED in the side of the face by a pigeon flying full pelt. Needless to say, if gave me a bit of a shock. 

Anyway, I wanted to put this moment down in the blog to ask whether this has ever happened to anyone else??? In all my time working in London I have never had a bird literally fly into me before, despite many near misses… Is this a common occurrence?

Perhaps this is some kind of omen? People say it is good luck when a bird poos on you, so when a kamikaze bird wallops into you it must surely be time to invest in a lottery ticket!


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