Day 60: The angry ranting of a disgruntled and tired commuter

Apologies in advance for today’s blog. It is not really going to be about parenting, it isn’t going to be particularly funny, it is however going to be cathartic as the day has got off to a bad start… And I am afraid I am going to have a moan about it. And what is the cause of the bad start to the day I hear you cry?… Well, the usual suspect to any bad day currently… Great Northern Trains. 

For those of you who don’t know, I commute into London from North Herts each day, a 35ish minute train journey, which on a good day is perfect for catching up on some sleep, but on a bad day (like today) is like a form of cruel torture.

The issues today are as follows:

1) Lack of seats: baring in mind I pay nearly £5K a year for the privilege, it is genuinely appalling that there are not enough seats. Imagine if you went to the theatre and then when you got there they told you they had overbooked your ticket and you had to stand in the aisle for 3 hours. Humph!

2) Heating: throughout the winter the trains have been freezing. Now the sun has come out, Lo and behold they have decided to crank the heating up to 100000 degrees. Yes, it is cold outside, but inside this little tin box the temperatures are unbearable. 

3) Lack of coffee: they have shut the coffee bar at my station. Hopefully this is just temporary, but if permanent this is a BIG problem! I am genuinely considering quitting my job and buying a coffee cart if so!

Anyway, better go now as the man next to me is reading this rant over my shoulder. (At least I have one reader today!)


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