Day 59: An Ode to CALPOL

It’s a word I feel I have known forever, but never really known what it meant. Until now. 


Try saying it, it’s fun, isn’t it!


A mystical word that to a portion of society means a great deal, but to the uninitiated is another vaguely medical term which you don’t really understand.


Yesterday our little one had his 8 week immunisation jabs, and so it was our first encounter with this sweet and sticky gunk. 


Disconcertingly it smells a lot like an alcopop I used to drink far too much of when I was a student.


Has to be administered using a strange syringe thing, making the preparation of a dose feel like a scene from trainspotting. 


I have a feeling that I am going to get to love this gooey, sweet nectar. 



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