Day 52: Fear! (12 things that are worrying me right now)

Following the shocking scenes in Brussels this week, I have inevitably once again started worrying about the future of the planet and the world which my little man is going to grow up in. I think the combination of relentless bad news and not quite enough sleep has made me even more vulnerable to fear, and so on the advice of a colleague I thought I would use the Internet as a therapist and write a list of all the things that are worrying me… I hope that this will help…

  • Terrorist threats – especially on my way to and from work in central London
  • Donald Trump – and what he might do to us all
  • Mucus – and how it makes my baby sniffle and snuffle
  • Fracking – and what it might do to the countryside
  • Driving – I am much more worried about another road user bumping into me when I am driving with my son in the car
  • Technology – and the fact that everyone seems to be connected to their phones all the time (and I appreciate the irony of me writing this on my phone right now)
  • Sugar – there is far too much in everything I eat
  • Flying – I have to fly to Cannes for work in a couple of months, and I am already getting anxious about that trip
  • Coffee – someone told me that coffee beans are going extinct, can this be true!?!?!!
  • Football – why oh why are Liverpool so inconsistent
  • Germs – how can I be sure he baby bottles are properly sterilised
  • The weather – is global warming going to destroy everything?

What are your fears? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter and let’s all overcome our worries together!


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