Day 51: The joy of bottle feeding

  This week there has been a bit of controversy (especially in parent blogging circles) regarding Jamie Oliver’s comments about breast feeding –
I by no means want to wade into the debate, but I do want to say that as a new dad, when my wife started expressing meaning I was able to bottle feed our baby it was a truly fantastic experience. As a dad it sometimes feels hard to bond with the baby, not only am I out at work all day, but I am also obviously unable to feed him usually, so the chance to see his little eyes go glassy with joy as his tummy fills up is a really lovely thing. 

So, my message to all dads out there is, don’t fear the bottle, enjoy it. And to all mums, if you can breast feed, fantastic, and if you can’t or decide not to, that is totally fine too! 

(Although the steriliser is a bit of a pain to use!)


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