Day 50: The 10 essential newborn baby photos


With the arrival of a new baby there is one thing that is guaranteed. A lot of photos are going to be taken!

And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.


Literally hundreds of pictures a day, clogging up your phone, filling up your hard drive (and if you are the sort of parent who shares baby pics on Facebook probably filling up the newsfeeds of all your friends too).

Every little thing that the baby does will be photographed, and you know what… every single picture is worth having! I love scrolling through the thousands of pics of my little boy on my phone when I am depressed on my way into work, and the fact he changes his appearance every day (by growing, not like some kind of mini “baby gaga”) means it is so nice to be able to look back at how he has developed…

However, despite the volume of pics taken, there are some classics which every new parent seems to try to take.

Below is my non-scientific analysis of the TOP 10 NEWBORN PHOTOS which everyone attempts to get…

  1. Baby’s face on daddy’s hand

“look at me, I am like the man in the Athena poster!”


  1. Baby’s tiny feet

“So cute! So tiny! So hard to photograph as he won’t stop wriggling!”


  1. Baby’s Little fingers

“Still cute, but not as cute as the toes… But slightly less wriggly so easier to photograph”


  1. Baby in a cute hat

“Awww… its got ears on it!”


  1. Baby in knitted outfit

“It was a gift… we have to get a photo to show to whoever knitted it”


  1. Baby with brother/sister/cousin

“Happy family – quick take the photo before one of them starts crying”


  1. Baby crying

“Not intentional, but inevitable that a few crying pics will sneak into the list”


  1. Ironic baby with alcoholic drink

“Banter! Hmmmmmmm”


  1. Baby in snowsuit

“Aw… teddy bear baby”


10. Naked Baby

“One to get in the bank for the time he brings home his first girlfriend”


*** please note, I don’t own the rights to any of these photos… and none of them are of my baby!


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