Day 42: Snugglebundl (Product review)

Before our little man arrived, we had the “pleasure” of attending the Baby Show at London Olympia Exhibition Centre… To be honest, it wasn’t that bad a day, we saw a lot of products and I think it was actually really useful for me as a “dad to be” to get slightly acclimatised to the sheer volume of baby stuff I would have to deal with.

Anyway, we bought a few things at the show, but probably the best purchase was a kind of peculiar blanket/baby carrying device called a “Snugglebundl”.

I thought, now we are 6 weeks into parenthood, it would be worth writing a quick review of this, as it turns out to be really useful and it is certainly something I would recommend to other parents (or people looking for a gift to buy for expectant parents-to-be!)

The principle is really simple, it is a blanket that has handles, and so converts into a kind of “baby hammock” when you pick up the baby. The great thing is though, that when you pick up the baby like this, it is really easy to rock them to sleep, manoeuvre them around the house, put them in and out of the car seat etc etc… Particularly for my wife who has post birth back issues, the Snugglebundl is really useful for rocking the little one off to sleep.

Admittedly it is a bit strange at first as does feel like you are carrying your baby around in a shopping bag, and you do need to be careful as a bumped head is a very real possibility… but my “tired dad” rating would be a good 5 stars for what has proven to be a very shrewd purchase…

You can visit the Snugglebundl website and shop at and there is a demo video online at


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