Day 41: In praise of charity shops (a great place to find bargain baby stuff!)

This weekend we were planning to attend an NCT Nearly New sale, in search of second hand bargains as had heard that these are a great place to stock up on baby related stuff. Unfortunately, and probably not unexpectedly, in the end we did not make it out of the house in time to get to the event…

However, as an alternative we took the little one into town, and popped into the local charity shop… and were amazed by the bargains we found!

As avid followers of my twitter feed will have seen, recently we have been searching for a Grobag to replace the Grosnug which the little man has already grown out of (he is 6 weeks old now, and growing so fast!).

On walking into the first charity shop (which raises money for our local hospice) we pretty much straight away found two perfect Grobags, for sale at £1 and £2 respectively…. an absolute bargain considering the previous day I had nearly bought some in John Lewis at the eye watering cost of £50!

The moral of the story… There is quite a high chance that the people working in your local charity shop will have no idea what the (over priced!) market value is for baby specific items, so you might well pick up a great bargain…

Ps. Of course there is an element of guilt that we bought these items for such a low cost and that the charity could have made more out of us, and so we are considering telling the shop volunteer that they could have charged more… Perhaps when we next donate a “specialist” item to a charity shop I will make a point of letting them know what it is, and how much they can get for it just in case…


2 thoughts on “Day 41: In praise of charity shops (a great place to find bargain baby stuff!)

  1. Don’t feel guilty; I work for the local hospice in my area and we price baby and children’s clothing really cheap because we really struggle to sell it otherwise. I’ve never priced a sleeping bag at more than about £3, and I’ve bought a lot of the clothes that my eldest wears for playgroup from work. Charity shops are so great for getting stuff for kids!

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  2. Spain is crap for charity shops. I miss Dublin (as I’ve never lived in the UK. however in one small village near my Granny’s house in North Leeds, I saw more charity shops than I’ve seen even in Dublin city).


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