Day 40: Britpop for Babies


As a teenager in the 90s, “Britpop” defined my adolescence… so now I am a dad, I thought it only right and proper to begin educating my son early in this most important of musical genres*

So, with this in mind I have created a breakdown of the best** of Britpop*** below… (and a youtube playlist too….)

I hope that you will enjoy, and do let me know via twitter or in the comments what tracks you think I should have included but have left out

*Disclaimer 1 – I know that Britpop is by no means an important musical genre in the wider sense, but if you were 15 in 1995 it seemed like the biggest thing ever

**Disclaimer 2 – The below is not actually the best, I realise this, but more the songs I think are most suitable for a baby, I know I have missed out some classics, and included some less than brilliant songs

***Disclaimer 3 – I also know that not all the below really count as Britpop, but I am using quite a broad definition to enable me to include some songs that I like

Britpop for Babies – Youtube playlist

Country House – Blur

One of the classic Britpop tunes and winner of the Oasis v Blur number 1 battle. Features a sing-along friendly tune and jolly trumpets. Perfect for keeping the little one entertained and engaged.

She’s Electric – Oasis

For the other big hitters of the era, I chose this song – not a single and far from being their biggest tune, but really jolly and child friendly sing along with a lovely plinky plonky piano feel (I am sure Liam Gallagher will love that description!)

Wake Up Boo – The Boo Radleys

Fun to sing along to… although the sentiment might not be the most appropriate when most of us new parents are thinking “Go to sleep boo!!”

Common People – Pulp

A briliiantly repetitive rhythm builds to provide the perfect soundtrack to jiggling a baby to try to get him to sleep

Brimful of Asha – Cornershop

“Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow” – need I say more

Me and You Vs The World – Space

A forgotten gem from the Scouse band – again a fun chorus to sing along to, and if you ignore the rest of the lyrics the chorus feels like a nice sentiment to sing to your baby

If – Bluetones

Not their biggest hit, but a catchy tune that is the perfect rhythm for rocking to sleep

The Circle – Ocean Colour Scene

Again, not their biggest song, but a fun one to dance to with a baby in your arms

Connection – Elastica

Essential Britpop – may not be the most baby friendly, but I couldn’t leave this jerky masterpiece off the list

Buck Rodgers – Feeder

Not strictly Britpop – but a fun rocky song to sing along to

Sparky’s Dream – Teenage Fanclub

Jangly loveliness

Sweet Catatonia – Catatonia

Welsh loveliness from Cerys Matthews and co

Smile – The Supernaturals

Possibly the most uplifting of indie songs – again some would say this is not from the Britpop era…. but so what…

Hush – Kula Shaker

The sentiment of the lyrics is VERY appropriate for the new parent!

Staying out for the Summer – Dodgy

Summery fun and a good one for dancing

Alright – Supergrass

And a chirpy Britpop classic to finish…


Hope you enjoy and let me know what I have missed x




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