Day 35: Six ways to entertain a one month old baby


This weekend I have had the chance to spend some real quality time with my little one…. and boy was it exhausting!

I now understand just how hard it is for his mum trying to keep him entertained all day long when I am off having grown up conversations at work.*

At this age his burgeoning senses seem simultaneously desperate for engaging and exciting new experiences, whilst the fact he is still unable to fully interact with the world around him means that even the most simple games can lead to frustration, grizzly behavior, and ultimately the inevitable crying…

It is hard and at times frustrating work indeed.

Below are 6 things I have tried which seemed to keep him entertained for a bit at least

  1. Looking at the sky: He loves to look at the sky. I don’t know if he is able to focus on the clouds, but the bright colour and light is fascinating to him – perhaps we have a mini cloudspotter in the making? (
  2. Vibrating baby bouncer: We bought one of these from Argos ( and he loves it. Another useful side effect of the product is the fact that the vibrating function is also handy at getting his bowels moving during moments of mild constipation!
  3. Listening to music: As readers of my blog will know, I have been forcing my son to listen to a lot of music in the first month (in a probably vain attempt to make him appreciate my music taste). Some records work better than others, but it certainly keeps him from grizzling when a new song comes on… This weekend’s particular favourite was Graceland by Paul Simon (
  4. Singing: see above, only more so. In particular singing the Beatles seems to work – as described in my earlier blog (
  5. Rattling: At 5 weeks old, his favorite toy by a mile is a rattling koala thingy, which dangles from his jungle gym. I think the combination of its big face and rattling tummy means he really feels like he is interacting with it…
  6. Balloon Mobile: We have a really great balloon mobile hanging above our changing table – which he LOVES – it is from Danish company Flensted ( who make beautiful paper mobiles which are captivating to a little one… highly recommended.

I am hoping that you can help me to add some more to the list above… so do get in touch via the comments below or tweet me at @tireddaddyuk with anything else we can try!

*to be honest, the conversations at my work are far from grown up, and at times I feel like I would get more sense out of a 5 week old… but you get the point!


2 thoughts on “Day 35: Six ways to entertain a one month old baby

  1. I constantly read to my boys when they were babies. I would read Mother & Baby articles out loud and poems and Winnie the Pooh. Basically, anything. You get to read something semi-grown-up and help your baby’s linguistic development at the same time. Winner!

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  2. Reading sounds like a good idea… perhaps I will dust off a few of my university books… The Will To Power by Neitzsche should be a good place to start 🙂


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