Day 34: The unstoppable and irreversible invasion of the brightly coloured plastic things

In the months before our baby arrived we completely redecorated our house. I hear this is a common thing to do, the “nesting instinct” often referred to in baby books and antenatal classes. For us this involved revamping pretty much every room in our preferred skandi-minimalist style. Lots of white walls, wooden floors and open space to create a calming environment perfect for listening to some ambient music whilst sipping a fine whiskey. You know the kind of thing…
But then something happened…

First came the small things, rattles and books, subtle at first, nestling on the sideboard or perching on the window sill, small hints of the colour explosion to follow. 

Next came bigger things, cots, bouncers and baby gyms, near fluorescent and eye watering in the intensity of their colour, dominating rooms gradually as more are added to the growing army of baby distraction tools invading our house. Needless to say, the Skandi calm has somewhat dissipated, and we know that this unstoppable force will soon permeate every square inch of our house. Relentless and ruthless in its rise to power, leaving no scented candle or ornamental wooden sculpture in its wake. Our house will soon be an explosion of colourful toys and glorious colourful chaos. 

Not that I am complaining though. As I write this my little one is entertaining himself on a fisher price vibrating (and vibrant) bouncer, and anything with the power to keep this little busy man entertained for 5 minutes is more than welcome in my home!


3 thoughts on “Day 34: The unstoppable and irreversible invasion of the brightly coloured plastic things

  1. We have exactly the same thing. I don’t know why I bother to put it away at night only to get it all out again in the morning. Claire x


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