“I am not Chris O’Dowd”

In the past it has been said on more than one occasion that I bear a passing resemblance to star of The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids and Girls, Irish actor Chris O’Dowd (Despite the fact I am about a foot shorter and about 100% less Irish)I was reminded today of something that happened to me a couple of years ago – retold below in a short dramatization:

Location: Kings Cross Station (in the queue for a cup of coffee)

Time: 8.35am on a wintery Tuesday morning


Man: hey! It’s you isn’t it!

Me: Erm… Yes…?

Man: Brilliant, you are great!!!

Me: Erm… Thank you?!

Man: Can I get a selfie with you, to show my girlfriend. She absolutely loves you!

Me: (getting a little awkward now) Erm…well… If you want.. Though I am not sure whether…

Man: Thanks so much (takes selfie)… this is so cool!!!

Me: Erm…

Man: Would you sign this napkin

Me: Errr…

Man: Go on…

Me: I… Errr…. I’m not sure if…

Man: You know, you sound different on the TV, is it all an act, the whole Irish thing?

Me: I don’t think… err…

Man: can you say “turn it off and on again”… Go on, please..

Me: Oh dear… I am afraid I think you are confused, I am not Chris O’Dowd

Man: oh… Err… well you look just like him… are you sure!

Me: Yes, pretty sure… sorry…

Man: Oh…. Well, thanks for the photo anyway… It is a good one

Me: Erm… My pleasure

Man: Yeah… my girlfriend is going to be so jealous..

Me: Erm… right

Man: bye, have a nice day

Me: bye then…


Awkward to say the least.


The thing I love most about this bizarre episode in my life is the fact that somewhere out there is a man telling exactly the same story as me… except omitting the second half when I reveal the disappointing truth about my identity, and if one of your friends ever shows you a picture of them posing with “Chris O’Dowd” at Kings Cross Station… well… things are not always what they seem to be…



3 thoughts on ““I am not Chris O’Dowd”

  1. Hahaha😆😆😆
    Chris O’Dowd is actually from the next town on the railway line to Dublin from my hometown. And probably is the most famous thing to come from Boyle apart from the railway to Dublin, as we say back home.
    On a similar note, part of my journey towards dad-hood involved buying a family car. During our intensive research, we went to our local Skoda dealership, where I was shocked to see sitting behind the sales desk – none other than Chris O’Dowd! (In fact this lookalike was named Alejandro and was very friendly and helpful, unlike his screen persona in the IT Crowd. He also did not sound Irish, due to the fact he was speaking rapid-fire Spanish.)

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