Day 30: Drugs, Booze, Jazz & Nappies (watching AMY with a 4 week old)

Last night I watched the fantastic, Oscar winning, British documentary film “AMY” with my 4 week old son.

An awful lot has been written about the film, which tells the tragic story of singer Amy Winehouse. In particular following the Oscar win I have been especially interested in the reaction of her father Mitch to the film’s portrayal of his daughter* (

I won’t go into a blow by blow review of the film here as there are plenty out there if you google it, I will just say go watch it if you can (it is currently available free on Channel 4’s All 4 player –

Watching with a half awake, half asleep 4 week old, aside from the tragedy of the story, the thing that really stood out was how amazing Amy Winehouse’s voice was – and more interestingly – how much  my son seemed to like it. Something about the rich, emotive delivery seemed to really catch his attention, as every time there was a sustained period of singing he not only stopped his wriggling, but seemed to really be concentrating and paying attention.

It could of course be a coincidence, but I like to think it is another sign of my son’s burgeoning music taste, perhaps I have a jazz aficionado on my hands?! Watch this space…

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*As a side note, the film does throw up some very interesting thoughts regarding the role of fathers… perhaps something I will consider further in a future blog


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