Day 29: The one gadget every new dad needs in his life…

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of gadgets on the market for new parents. From overly technical pillows apparently designed by NASA to travel systems more complicated than the large hadron collider, a trip to Mothercare can be an an eye-wateringly expensive and high stress minefield for new mums and dads. For today’s blog therefore I thought I would reveal my tip for the one gadget I now couldn’t live without…



This simple wrist worn pedometer has become absolutely priceless since I returned to work, and I would encourage any expectant dads reading this to go out and invest in one right now.

Firstly, its primary function as a device to encourage exercise is of course useful, as I have noted before finding the time and energy to exercise in the first few months is a real challenge so anything that helps encourage a bit more aerobic activity has to be a good thing. It is however with one of its secondary features that the FITBIT really comes into its own – the silent alarm.

With a couple of swipes on my iPhone I can set the device to discreetly buzz on my wrist at any time I want, day or night, meaning suddenly powernaps are a very real and very welcome option, without fear of either oversleeping or disturbing those around me (including the baby!)

Already I have used the silent alarm numerous times on my train home from work, meaning I can bank a valuable extra 20 mins or so of slumber, which would otherwise have been missed (or worse still been extended to a couple of hours, a missed stop, an expensive and horrible return journey from 2 counties away and a night in the dog house).

So, my big tip to new or expectant dads everywhere – embrace technology, set your alarm and reclaim the power of the nap.

Enjoy this, check out my other top napping tips:


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