Day 28: 14 things I have learned in the first 4 weeks…

I can’t believe my son is 4 weeks old already – how time flies!

Here are 14 things I have learned over the last month…

  1. Whatever nappy you use, at some point they are going to leak.
  2. Babies grow incredibly quickly, we have already outgrown a lot of clothes.
  3. Going back to work after paternity leave is one of the hardest things to do.
  4. Keeping fit during the first month is nigh on impossible!
  5. Even though you know what your baby is doing is not a smile, you will convince yourself that it is a smile (and not just the wind that it inevitably is!)
  6. Babies fart and hiccup a lot.
  7. It is very difficult to have a conversation about anything other than the baby in the first month.
  8. Cats find new born babies inexplicably terrifying.
  9. It is pretty much impossible not to want to take photos of the baby all the time!
  10. The amount of laundry that can be generated by such a tiny thing is unbelievable.
  11. Babies (or at least my baby) have no interest at all in watching football on the TV, despite how hard I have tried.
  12. Babies like The Beatles, and the songs sung by Paul and Ringo are their favourites.
  13. The smells and mess that a baby can create are astounding!
  14. Baby sick gets everywhere…

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