New Music Review – Steve Mason: Meet the Humans (a baby friendly review)

As a long time fan of the work of Steve Mason, from the fantastic early work of the Beta Band through his work as King Biscuit Time and his previous two albums under his own name, I eagerly anticipated the release of his new album, Meet The Humans. So, this morning I settled down for a first listen, joined by my 1 month old baby. 

First impressions are good. The album feels a lot more accessible than both Boys Outside and Monkey Minds, with a much less overt political message. Has Steve finally found happiness? If so, it certainly seems to work for him, as the songs here are reminiscent of the best of the Beta Band, with catchy hooks paired with funky infectious rhythms throughout. 

From a baby perspective the music is great for a calming dance, with the hypnotic rhythms and Steve’s distinctive multitracked vocals giving a really smooth yet appropriately jiggly vibe that is certainly child friendly. 

I will definitely be listening to this album a lot over the coming months, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to listen to with their little ones. 


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