Day 26: “Daddy spotting” – A fun game for the tired commuting dad


I have been back at work for one week, and all of a sudden I am spotting the tell tale signs of other new dads everywhere I look.In fact, in my sleep-deprived haze each morning, I have now begun playing a game of “daddy spotting”, trying to identify as many other new dads as I can each day…

The rules are simple. First of all, you must identify a new dad by a tell tale signifier –  or a “daddytell” as I have decided to name them. Once identified a point is only scored through making eye contact, and gaining acknowledgement via a knowing nod or sigh…

So far this week my best score has been 3…

Below are top “daddytells” to look for…

  1. Shell-shocked expression, betraying lack of sleep but not a hangover
  2. Unidentified staining on jacket/sleeves/shoulders – could be milk, sick, poo or wee… but a new shirt has not been put on due to the knowledge that the stain will just be replaced
  3. Baby related paraphernalia – wet wipes, cotton buds, muslins… anything that might have snuck its way into a bag or pocket can be a give away
  4. Caffeine consumption – excessive consumption of coffee, usually espresso
  5. Deep sleep – a tired daddy will fall into a deep blissful sleep on any train, safe in the knowledge that he won’t be woken by screaming.

So, next time you are commuting, have a look around and let me know how you score…


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