Lady Gaga vs David Bowie (a baby decides who is best)

This evening whilst sitting up with my son, I decided to go on YouTube and watch Lady Gaga’s much talked about David Bowie tribute from The Grammys. 
(You can watch it here –
My 3 week old’s initial reaction was calm confusion, however as soon as she started singing Space Oddity he burst out in tears, unleashed a loud fart and threw up. 

I quickly turned off the video, and went and cleaned him up. He calmed down after about 20 minutes, and so once I had him settled I thought I would see how he reacted to the David Bowie original… 

The reaction? Calm, interested and contented listening. 

I don’t know what this says, but I hope it is evidence not only that he has good taste in music, but also may be an indication of a future career as a particularly brutal art critic. 

The future stars of pop and rock need to look out!


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