Day 23: 10 things worth watching on paternity leave

As those of you who read my blog regularly will know, I have just finished my paternity leave and gone back to work. It is certainly an understatement to say that this ha been one hell of a shock to the system, and I am really struggling to get back into the daily rhythm of getting up and getting on a train to London, working for 9hrs and the getting the train home.
It has however made me appreciate even more how great the last 3 weeks have been. Not only have I spent loads of time with my new baby, but I also watched a lot of great TV and movies.

For today’s blog therefore I thought I would do a list of some recommended viewing, which I hope may be of some interest to other mums and dads who are looking for something to watch whilst looking after a crying baby…

(Please note, I am aware there is quite a bit of violence and sex in some of these shows… I really hope exposure to this doesn’t have an effect on my son when he grows up… Hmmm… Possibly something to consider in more detail in a future blog?!!!?)

1. Fargo (the film and TV series): The film is a classic, but I was even more impressed by the TV series starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. A violent, gripping epic laced with humour and beautifully shot.

2. Friday Night Lights (TV series): I am not usually a fan of this kind of series, but the Texan setting and insight into the world of high school American football has gripped me, and now I really care about the characters.

3. Deutschland 83: This fun spy thriller is in German, and available on Channel 4 player. It is by no means a classic, but the cool 80s period setting made it a good distraction.

4. Community: Hilarious, quirky, oddball and very ‘cult’ US sitcom which is well worth checking out.

5. Bojack Horseman: Again a surprise, this Netflix original animation about a washed up horse star of an 80s sitcom is surprisingly touching and despite the surreal nature of the show, has some real insight into the cost of fame.

6. No Country for Old Men: Another Cohen Bros film, and a lot darker than Fargo, but a gripping watch with an unforgettable performance from Javier Bardem.

7. Supermench – The legend of Shep Gordon: This documentary produced and directed by Mike Myers of Austin Powers fame traces the story of the ultimate Hollywood manager. Fascinating insight into the world of fame, and a really rewarding story.

8. Last Week Tonight: I have watched a lot of John Oliver’s fantastic HBO show via YouTube over the last 3 weeks. As a long standing fan of John’s work with Andy Zaltzman on the Bugle podcast, I really enjoy the combination of hard hitting satire with slapstick silliness that somehow manages not only to entertain but to truly educate.

9. Lone Survivor: This Afghanistan war film starring Mark Warhlbeg is an intense and violent watch, made even more arresting not by the fantastic soundtrack from one of the greatest bands in the world right now, Explosions In The Sky.

10. Kajaki: This British film tells the real life story of a terrifying and brutal incident in Afganistan, which was a surprise hit when it was released – and I can see why.


One thought on “Day 23: 10 things worth watching on paternity leave

  1. Friday Night Lights is awesome. I started watching it because I played American football when I was younger but it’s not a series about football really, it’s a series about great characters in a small town that just happens to be built around a football team.

    I’d also thoroughly recommend Person of Interest (series 4 starts on Channel 5 tonight and we’re a year behind the US) which really needs to be watched from the beginning but is a vastly superior drama series which starts a little slow for its first few episodes but seasons 2 and 3 are among the very best runs I have seen from any show ever.


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