Day 21: A toddler-filled glimpse of the future

Today we had a visit from some friends who have a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, little boy in question was really cute and his antics charging around the house and playing with everything in sight were really endearing. However, it did bring into stark focus just how much things will change once our little one is old enough to walk/run/crawl/generally cause chaos. 
Baby proofing our house is going to be quite a task, so I thought to begin preparing myself I’d note down a list of initial things that will need to be done…

– Attach TV to the wall
– Put record player out of reach

– Hide all records, DVDs etc from reach of tiny hands

– Put locks on kitchen cupboards

– Fit stair gates

– Non slip mats under the rugs

In order to help me to prepare it would be fantastic if you can contact me either in the comments or on Twitter @365Tired with any more things I will need to do!


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