Day 19: The last day of paternity leave

  Today was technically the last day of my paternity leave. A really depressing thought. On Monday I will have to head back to work, and leave my darling little boy at home with his Mum. This is going to be far more difficult than I ever imagined! Not only am I dreading the hour and a half each way commute into London on an over crowded train (link), the pressure and stress of office life, and the general misery of winter in the UK, but more than anything else I will my boy.
Some people I know have said after their paternity leave that it was a relief to get back to work “for a break”, but for me it really is not the case. I will miss him so much.
I suppose the moral of this story is enjoy your paternity leave guys. It is time you will never have again.
Expect my blogs to change in tone somewhat as I get back into the daily grind of working life, as from Monday on they will mostly be written on the train to/from London so may be tinged with a lot more commuters anxiety. 


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