Day 18: The absurd world of NHS administration

Today I dropped into the local GP surgery to register my newborn son. Fortunately I came prepared with me and my wife’s passports, birth certificate, driving licence and of course the ever present ‘red book’. However, even with all the info to hand, I still found the NHS form I needed to fill in on my 18 day old son’s behalf somewhat baffling…Below are a few of the more bizarre questions I had to answer…
1. What is your first language?

2. How old are you (in years)?

3. Have you ever served in the armed forces?

4. What age were you when you moved into your current address?

5. Are you happy to receive sms messages/emails?

The form was titled “newborn registration form” therefore I suppose there must be some babies out there who have already been married, served in the army and have mobile phones!!!
(Please note: the last thing I want to do is criticise the NHS as an institution. It is a fantastic thing and we are so lucky to have it here in the UK. However, from my perspective it just seems over-worked and completely underfunded. I know I am not the first to notice this, but just wanted to make sure that this blog doesn’t come across as if I am anti-NHS)


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