Day 15: The Beatles for Babies

I spent most of this morning listening to pretty much the entire Beatles back catalogue with my 15 day old. Having gone through the rock and roll, pop, psychedelic, alternative and rock eras, I think following this extensive research I can now present to the world my attempt at the ultimate Beatles for Babies playlist… 

1. Here Comes the Sun (Abbey Road): gentle, melodic and a perfect opener. Great to sing along to.

2. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (The White Album): the first of the classic “Kids” songs from the Beatles catalogue. A sing along, dance along classic.

3. We Can Work It Out (Single): a less well known track, but fantastic middle 8 and one of the earliest songs I remember hearing.

4. Blackbird (The White Album): soft acoustic guitar and child friendly melody

5. Yellow Submarine (Revolver): A kids classic, say no more

6. Penny Lane (Magical Mystery Tour): another nice upbeat song for a sing along

7. Let it be (Let it be): one of the greatest songs ever written

8. The Fool on the Hill (Magical Mystery Tour): it has a recorder solo, perfect for getting the little one into music

9. Michelle (Single): French singing = eduction and music

10. Lady Madonna (Single): baa baa baa baa baa baa baa ba ba (the backing vocals are a lot of fun for a baby)

11. Octopus’s Garden (Abbey Road): perfect for bath time fun

12. In My Life (Rubber Soul): nostalgic with a lovely plinky plonky piano instrumental

13. With a little help from my friends (Sgt. Pepper): sing along time again

14. When I’m 64 (Sgt. Pepper): see above, plus as a new dad singing it I already feel 64

15. All together now (Yellow Submarine): simple pop perfection

16. Ticket to Ride (Help!): an early Beatles classic

17. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Abbey Road): a heroic combination of sing along childhood melodies with a story of a serial killer. What better to sing with a 15 day old

18. All my loving (With the Beatles): sentimental and fun

19. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (The White Album): weird, fun, and again a chorus that is great to sing along with

20. All You Need Is Love (Magical Mystery Tour): the sentiment is worth it alone

21. Golden Slumbers (Abbey Road): bed time approaches

22. Goodnight (The White Album): let Ringo sing your little one off to sleepyland

What do you think? Have I missed anything?


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