Day 14: 11 things I have learned in the first 2 weeks

1. Babies poo a lot!

2. They are not joking when they say baby poo changes a lot in the first fortnight – from marmite black to pesto green to luminous yellow fluorescent gunk… Variety is the spice of life!

3. It’s also true what they say about little boys and their fountains… Aim south!

4. It takes a lot of planning to go out – an awful lot of stuff is needed to take a newborn outside, so plan ahead

5. It’s impossible to maintain a fitness regime in the first few weeks – the dad bod is an inevitability 

6. Visitors can be exhausting in the first few weeks, but are also vital to help you keep sane and to offer advice and support

7. Films/TV shows with subtitles are a great solution for sleepless nights when you don’t want to wake a just pacified baby

8. It’s fantastic when friends bring round food – if you know anyone who has a new baby, make them a lasagne now

9. Babies cry, a lot, but it doesn’t always mean they are in mortal danger. It’s their only way of communicating

10. Every day my son gets more beautiful and fascinating

11. Sleep is overrated


One thought on “Day 14: 11 things I have learned in the first 2 weeks

  1. All very true, but number 8 in particular is a great one to highlight. When our first was born, we received so many flowers from well-wishers that I had to do a mercy run to somewhere suitably classy like Matalan to buy some additional vases to put them all in. But when a friend sent us a basket of baked goods (pies, sausage rolls, cakes etc) that she ordered for us online, my heart did a little dance of joy (I was hungry ….) because (a) no vase required and (b) a genuinely useful gift that was exactly what we needed. We’ve sent food gifts to friends with new babies ever since. Flowers are lovely, don’t get me wrong, but an army marches on its stomach. Especially a sleep-deprived army that has a constant whiff of poo about it …

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