Day 13: A question of sport…

Today I watched a rugby match with my son for the first time (Wales vs Scotland in the 6 nations) and also watched Match of the Day with him for the first time too… It got me thinking about sport, babies and how as a dad I should introduce him to the curse that is being a sports fan…

At 13 days old he had no idea what was going on during the rugby, although to be honest neither did I as rugby is not a sport I follow or come close to being able to understand. Essentially as I see it its just a load of slightly posh, slightly rough men fighting whilst a slightly smarter and smaller man periodically tells them off, and we listen via his microphone. To be honest I don’t think the commentators really know what is going on either judging by the nonsense they seem to be spouting. That said, I did enjoy the experience having watched Wales play rugby with my dad when I was small too, meaning it felt like something I should do. Anyway, as far as rugby is concerned, I will try my best to make my son support Wales, as although we live in England and I always have, my family is originally from South Wales and so as far as rugby is concerned the land of my fathers wins.

 Football however is a lot more complicated. I am a Liverpool fan personally, for no reason other than I grew up in the 80s and liked red and winning… Hence choosing Liverpool. But, is that reason enough to impose the curse of being a long suffering Liverpool fan on my son? If he follows my logic he should support Man City perhaps with the impending arrival of Pep, or maybe even Leicester this season (as his mum grew up near there he could justify it loosely!) Alternatively there is always the option of Arsenal, Watford or Spurs (as our closest premier league teams), or he could sway towards my family history and choose Swansea City? Or, another option would be to drop down the leagues… Local teams include Stevenage, Luton or even Hitchin Town… This would certainly make tickets cheaper…!

It’s a tricky thing to decide, and of course ideally it should be his choice not mine…
Perhaps he won’t like football at all, and instead will be a Cricket man… Or who knows, in 15 years time we might all be watching something completely different… 2031 Kabaddi World Cup anyone?


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