Day 12: Nappy Changing in Public – Dos and Don’ts

Today I did my first ever nappy change in public. It went rather well, only a small amount of crying and very little spillage… (And the baby was fine too!)

As it is something I am sure over the coming months and years I will be doing a lot more of, I thought I would note down a few rules I will be trying to stick to…

Do – accept that speed is of the essence. There may be someone else waiting, and of course the faster you can change the sooner you can get on with whatever you are doing

Don’t – scrimp on the wet wipes, you can never use too many!

Do – dispose of everything responsibly. No leaving of dirt nappies or anything else in the changing room!

Don’t – be afraid to ask for help, but make sure you ask someone who may have once he kids themselves. Anyone who has been through what you are going through right now will be more than happy to help if they can (though probably not with the messy stuff)

Do – thoroughly wipe everything down before and after. There is nothing worse than a dirty changing table!

Don’t – forget to wash your hands

Do – remember to watch out for pee fountains – a bunch of tissues on the little willy will do the trick

Don’t – forget to burp baby before and after, to avoid any puking incidents. Dealing with two ends at this time is what you don’t need

Do – feel very proud of yourself for a successful job done!


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