Day 10: Nirvana for Babies

I know that all evidence suggests that at 10 days old my son is unable to see in focus, understand the sounds he is hearing, or really do anything except eat, sleep, cry and poo (all of which he is very good at!), but nonetheless I have decided that today was the ideal day to begin his education in rock.

Like Jack Black in the film “School of Rock” ( I see it as my role as father to do all I can to make sure he has a good taste in music, and so it seems to make sense to start early with this education.

Lesson 1, Nirvana. 
First of all, to give him a good basis of the importance and history of Nirvana and the Kurt Cobain story, we sat down together and watched the recent documentary “Montage of Heck” ( I really enjoyed it, although I am not certain my son could fully follow the narrative (he definitely slept through.  a good portion of the film – and interestingly cried and pooed when Courtney Love made an appearance!) However, as the film reached its climax and footage from the MTV Unplugged in New York concert played, I am sure he began to pay some attention.

I have a feeling that currently acoustic guitars are my son’s thing – see his recent review of Villagers ( So, buoyed by this reaction we then sat down to listen to that album in its entirety. And for the most parthe paid  attention, and even began to sing along at points…(well, at the moments when Kurt screams, the baby screamed too… A good sign he might become a rock singer, right?!)

So, lesson 1 is complete. A basic understanding of the importance of Seattle Grunge is now established… Where to go next? Possibly some old school Led Zeppelin, or maybe we should dive into something more esoteric like British Sea Power or Super Furry Animals? What do you think?
P.S. I will let you all know if his crying in the night takes on a new timbre as a result of this lesson, as I am hoping that at 4am the wet nappy might now “smell like teen spirit”*
*Arggh… My first Dad joke on this blog. Sorry. 



2 thoughts on “Day 10: Nirvana for Babies

  1. Bonus points for BSP shout out! My son loves singing along to Change by Killing Joke after I sang the riff to him to distract him from his loathing of being changed!

    Let’s Dance was a hit too.

    Kids respond to all sorts but with babies keep it simple. Blues can work well and anything with a steady beat. No mad prog time signature experiments yet.

    If you can’t stomach nursery rhymes for the nth time the Putomayo Playground albums have good kids songs that are fun and interesting rather than scale exercises!

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