Day 7: Cute vs Irritating? 6 ways my newborn baby makes even the most annoying habits unfeasibly adorable. 

At one week old now, my son is now starting to develop some seriously cute yet utterly bizarre habits. Whilst observing him earlier today occurred to me that if anyone else in the world did these same things, I would at best find them infuriating and at worst probably call the police or run away…
Below are 6 examples of this cute yet borderline sociopathic newborn behaviour. 

  • Screaming: Of course this is something one expects from a newborn, but it is strange that when my son is screaming like an enraged banshee at 4am in the morning, I still find him heart meltingly cute. I certainly wouldn’t feel like that if a man started screaming like this next to me on the train to work… (I am sure I will not find this infernal howling cute in a few weeks however!)
  • Soiling himself at least once every 3 hours: We certainly know his digestive system is working properly, as our little one is having very regular bowel movements of varying levels of pneumatic velocity. And my reaction each time? To clap and whoop in celebration of another messy nappy to clean. If anyone else made a dirty protest in my vicinity I would be far less likely to shower them in acclaim, but my baby has some how managed to perfect the art of somehow making this seem like a cute thing to do. He’s a genius!!!
  • Throwing up on my clean jumper: see above re pooing. I don’t know why, but his bodily functions are just adorable!
  • Miscellaneous squelching, snuffling and snorting: At all hours, random nasal grunts, sniffles and squelches come out of his face. This would drive me crazy if anyone else did it, but when he makes a weird squelchy bubbly noise from his nose I just think… “Awwww”
  • Randomly gabbing my finger and sucking on it: This is very cute, but wouldn’t be if ANYONE ELSE did it… So don’t try it if you ever meet me!
  • Getting all the attention all of the time: By nature I am an attention seeker, and usually love being the centre of everyone’s focus. But I can forgive him for being the centre of everything!

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