Day 6: An existential crisis in the nappy aisle of Sainsbury’s 

  Six days into being a dad, I went to the supermarket. 

Usually a trip to the local Sainsbury’s would be the most mundane thing possible and would certainly not be worth blogging about… But this trip was different…

I had to buy nappies for the first time!

I admit, I was naive, I thought this would be a simple process… but when I got to aisle 6 (a place up to this point that I have never even been, but which I fear will now be my second home) the sheer scale of my mission became immediately clear!

The first challenge was to find the right size… First size? New born? Small baby? New baby??? Argh…. Why is this so difficult..?!??

Then, once you have identified the right size (in my case by looking at the babys on the packets and seeing which on looked most like my son) the next mission is to choose a brand. I have no idea whether a Pamper is better than a Huggie, or whether a supermarket own brand is as good as a name brand. Perhaps I don’t read enough parenting blogs???

Eventually, following about 15 minutes worth of agonising over whether I was making the right decision, I picked a pack of Pampers and made a dash for the check out… (If my parking ticket had not been about to expire I could have been there for hours!)

Was it the right decision? Time and my baby’s bottom will tell me soon enough… 

Which nappies do you recommend?


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