Baby Record Reviews #1: Villagers – ‘Where have you been all my life’

My Daddy tells me that this new album by Irish singer/songwriter Conor O’Brien (aka Villagers) is not really a new album at all but just a collection of old songs re-recorded and re-released. However, I am not sure why he felt the need to tell me that, after all, I am only 4 days old so all music is new to me!

Anyway, my first impression of this record (and do bare in mind it is the first record I have ever heard) is that it is really gentle and certainly suitable for nap time listening. The singer has a really nice voice, and the plinky plonky arrangements are almost as calming as when my Mummy sings a lullaby to me!
The album starts with a slow builder called ‘Set The Tigers Free’. It’s a really nice song, very soothing, and not at all as scary as the title sounds! This is followed up by one of my favourites called ‘Everything I Am Is Yours’ (though I wish my daddy would not sing along to me as his voice really ruins the chorus and it makes him sound very soppy). 
The arrangement on ‘My Lighthouse’ is also really nice like a nursery rhyme as it builds, and ‘Courage’ also has a really nice lilting tune which reminded me of when Gran rocks me to sleep. 
As the album goes on, I have to admit I had a bit of a nap – I think that the really quiet ‘That Day’ and ‘Soul Serene’ were the ones that tipped me over into snoozyville.
Daddy woke me up when he had to turn the record over, and I am afraid that I found that side two was not as good as side one (although my enjoyment might have been tempered by the fact that I did a big poo during the intro to Hot Scary Summer which I had to sit in for the next 5 songs as Daddy didn’t notice until the end of the album). 
All in all though, a good snoozy listen, and I will tell Daddy he is free to listen again sometime. 


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