Day 4: Top 5 diet tips for new Dad’s…

*Disclaimer: The following list is liable to make new Dad’s put on the weight of their newborn baby within a week (mine was 7lb 8oz)… But it will also keep you awake, so in my view is totally worth it…

  1. Lots of cake: Chocolate, Red Velvet, Banana Bread, Muffins… It’s sugary, yummy and easy to grab at a moments notice
  2. Coffee: obviously the coffee machine has come into its own since the baby arrived (I particularly recommend Wakelins coffee and AllPress Coffee), but to supplement the good stuff when I cant find time to do the machine, Starbucks pre made frappachino bottles are a great pick me up
  3. Home made lasagne: If, like my wife, you have amazing friends, someone might do as they did for us and leave a fully cooked lasagne on your doorstep. Amazing! Xxx
  4. Chocolate: see cakes above
  5. Mini sausages: I know that they are made of all the grim stuff from the abattoir floor… But they taste so damn good!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Top 5 diet tips for new Dad’s…

  1. This is great – definitely applies to mums aswell (even if we should be being healthier after birth!) I need to find more friends like yours – wish someone brought us a lasagna – my partners useless at cooking (sorry) so I had a newborn and the cooking to contend with 🙂

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